Syntes AI Enterprise Data Management and Applications Platform

Experience complete control over your multi-domain enterprise and omnichannel commerce data with Syntes AI Enterprise Data Management and Product Experience Management SaaS Cloud Platform.

Our cutting-edge solution is designed for global B2C and B2B brands, helping them manage revenue growth, international product marketing, omnichannel commerce, and marketplace channels across multiple countries. Discover the power of Syntes AI and streamline your products and omnichannel commerce revenue growth management.

Deploy AI-driven enterprise applications

Implement AI solutions to address your enterprise needs

For Omnichannel Product Management and Marketing

Product Experience Management (PXM)

Digital Assets Management (DAM)

For Customer Experience Management





Third Party Logistics

For Centralized Pricing Control

Product Experience Management




For Real-time Inventory Synchronization



Third Party Logistics

For Seamless Omnichannel Integration




Brand store

For Performance Omnichannel Marketing

Google Ads

Amazon Ads


AI Enterprise Data Cloud


Syntes AI is a artificial intelligence-driven enterprise cloud data management solution for effective business decisions and operations.

Optimize your omnichannel commerce with our integrated SaaS platform. Streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency by migrating to the AI data cloud.


Public and private data cloud architecture

Absolutely-no-coding data model setup including data and data link attributes, links between data objects

Wide range of available data attributes: rich-text, html, measurable fields, currencies, etc.

AppStore with standard and custom applications for managing different business processes

Enterprise users and groups access permissions

Automated workflows and data transformations

Digital Assets Manager to store and manage digital assets: images, pdfs, media files, etc. associated with data objects

Complete history of data changes by users

Easy-to-use navigation to master data using a web browser

AI Data Transformations

Data Integration

Syntes AI syndicates data from multiple software applications, external systems and databases such as ecommerce stores, marketplaces, ERP and CRM systems, etc. API and data feeds integrations will integrate Syntes MDM data repository with your advertising, marketing sales, support, logistics and manufacturing partners.

Data Enrichment and Visualization

Syntes AI helps user to search for and visualize any available master data using “table”, “list” and “tile” as well as graphical views. If permissions allow, users can enrich existing data objects using full-screen editor or multiple objects using quick-edit feature.

Data Automation

Workflows and data transformations allow automation of standard and reoccurring processes.

Data BI and Analytics

Users can perform business intelligence and data analytics tasks using built-in reports and dashboards as well as external BI solutions such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI or Google Looker.

Graph Hybrid Database

No code

Syntes AI is based on unique hybrid graph and relational databases architecture. The architecture allows storing objects with different data structures, and different relationships between objects, while changing the structure of the data model without programming.

No limits

The unique hybrid database technology blurs the boundaries between operational and analytical data, making master data management faster and more productive, and data search more efficient.

Fully optimized

Data objects including all their attributes and relationships with other objects can be displayed to users in a visual tabular, tile, as well as graphical form.

Syntes AI Advantages

Graph database

allows implementation of any structures and data models without programming

Data lakes, ETL and ELT

allow to work with structured, partially structured, and unstructured information

Multi-tenant architecture

makes customer data securely isolated

Data encription

HTTPS, TLS 1.2 and OAuth authentication protocol for secure single sign-on access

Cluster architecture

provides fault tolerance for performance demanding implementations

Data backups system

protects data from loss

Power of Syntes AI

Get your products to the market faster than your competitors

Reach more sales channels and get access to more customers

Reduce operating costs with processes automatization