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Syntes AI empowers medium-sized enterprises to easily integrate, manage and analyze data in a unified, cost-efficient platform.

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All the Commerce Data You Want (and Need) In One Place. 

Streamline your workflow by eliminating the need to switch between external and internal retailers, distributors, e-commerce, competitor, and market condition reporting tools. This will also eliminate manual entry and time-consuming data processing. Embrace effortless data capture by utilizing our exclusive standard retailer connectors and AI data capture tools. 

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Align all your Commerce data.

Enhance your data capabilities with our state-of-the-art AI-assisted transformations. Our innovative technology streamlines and accelerates the data handling process, providing precision and speed. Say farewell to manual, time-consuming tasks as our AI algorithms that help you intelligently organize, clean, and align your data. Embrace a new era of data optimization, unlocking valuable insights and gaining a competitive edge through the power of AI-assisted transformations.


Protect Your Data and Ensure Confidentiality of Proprietary Information. 

In a modern business landscape, securing intellectual property in a large language model environment is critical. Employing robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, ensures the confidentiality of proprietary information. By prioritizing security, organizations not only shield their intellectual property but also inspire confidence in clients and stakeholders, reinforcing trust in their innovation and operational integrity.

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Forecast, Analyze and Enhance.

Unlock the power of standard Machine Learning (ML) predictive models and generative AI for valuable insights, predictions and improved performance. Integrating these advanced technologies helps businesses understand gaps in forecasted revenue, products performance, market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor dynamics. This data-driven approach facilitates proactive strategies for adapting to changing market conditions, leading to enhanced revenue results in retail, distribution, and e-commerce channels. 


Collaborate and Align Teams using AI-Driven Chat and Workflows.

Enhance collaboration within revenue teams using AI-driven team chat and workflows. This integration streamlines communication, automates routine tasks, and promotes real-time sharing of insights. By adopting these innovative solutions, businesses can create a dynamic and collaborative environment that boosts efficiency and contributes to the success of revenue-generating efforts.

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Co-Pilot with Actionable Intelligence.

Utilize Syntes AI co-pilot for actionable intelligence and strategic revenue plans. This cutting-edge tool goes beyond data, providing insights to guide decision-making and formulate effective action plans. With Syntes AI, businesses can translate valuable intelligence into concrete strategies for team coaching, ensuring precision and agility in revenue team operations. It serves as a powerful tool to navigate business complexities, make informed decisions, and drive the success of revenue team initiatives.

Tailor Syntes AI to Your Unique Business Needs

Every company is unique. Syntes AI understands this. Customize your solution with our app store and AI platform development suite, fitting our technology to your needs, not the other way around.